"Ravi Varma" the name that inspired me to be an artist from my childhood. But the twist to the story I ended up being a mundane banker and one fine day Dec 2010, I quit all that to pursue my childhood dream of being an artist. Taken to photography full time, bartered all my physical assets to the best of the camera gear. Interned for a year with a renowned fashion photographer and now after 8 years I run a successful wedding Photography and Films company www.trulycandid.in and I practice commercial and advertising photography with the brand www.ravivarma.co.in


I haven't shot celebrities , yet to travel to Europe, National geography and Discovery yet to commission me, and yet working towards my dream of shooting for Vogue and ELLE. But yes in a small way I did start off shooting for Hyderabad based designer boutiques, did an assignment for AP Tourism , Times of India, city based restaurants, Hotels, jewelers, corporates and Industries. We have a full fledged commercial photography studio at Srinagar colony Hyderabad.


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